Heavy, the group company held the 2017 annual summary commendation and 2018 work deployment conference

On the afternoon of April 20, 2018, the group company held the 2017 annual summary commendation and the 2018 annual work deployment conference in the headquarters square. Group Chairman Hu Xiaojiang, Group Consultant Zhang Gui, General Manager Hu Zhanjun, Executive Deputy General Manager Guo Liwei, Deputy General Manager Li Hongyan, Deputy General Manager Huang Jing and other group leaders and responsible comrades of all subsidiaries and 1,200 employees attended the meeting.

The meeting was chaired by Guo Liwei, executive deputy general manager of the group.


Hu Zhanjun, the general manager of the group, read out the decision of the group company on commending the advanced workers of the advanced units in 2017. Then, the leaders of the group were 16 advanced units such as the group financing department, Zhao Yang of the slaughtering company, Wang Chunzeng of Detai poultry industry, etc. Advanced workers award pennants, certificates and bonuses.


At the meeting, the responsible comrades of each subsidiary made their speeches respectively, and the two award-winning representatives delivered their speeches.


In the warm applause, Chairman Hu Xiaojiang delivered an important speech. On behalf of the group company, he first expressed his warm congratulations to the award-winning advanced units and advanced workers, and expressed his heartfelt gratitude for their hard work and selfless dedication.

Next, the chairman summarized the work in 2017. He said: In the past year, under the correct leadership of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, the group company has achieved remarkable results under the hard work of all employees: First, docking the capital market and successfully achieving listing; second, promoting project construction, To create growth highlights; the third is to strengthen management and improve economic efficiency; the fourth is to overcome various difficulties and ensure the wages of employees; the fifth is to enthusiastic public welfare undertakings and actively return to society.

In order to ensure the annual target tasks of the group company, the chairman clearly put forward five tasks: first, to firmly develop confidence and keep running; second, aim at new goals, enlarge and strengthen the main business; third, strengthen internal management to ensure smooth operation; The fourth is to strengthen the style of work and promote a good work style; the fifth is to establish an advanced model and set off a learning boom.

He called on all employees: passion to achieve dreams, and work hard to create the future. Standing at a new starting point and embarking on a new journey, all employees of Meike have to maintain the spirit of being open-minded and brave in their spirits, and always maintain a spirit of courage and enthusiasm, establish a new image, show new things, and not forget the original heart. , work hard, and make new and greater contributions to the development and growth of the US.


Group chairman and advanced group and advanced individuals

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