Feelings are the basis for retaining talents. The company adheres to the people-oriented philosophy, gives employees thoughtful and meticulous human care, and gives employees' families a multi-faceted concern. Through various activities, measures, systems, team harmony, and warmth. The atmosphere of respecting talents, respecting the independent choice of talents, whether it is staying or staying, maintaining long-lasting feelings, actively listening to the opinions of employees, solving practical problems, allowing retired employees to give full play to the residual heat and making the employees in the field feel more concerned. Career is the foundation for creating talents. Meike has a clear development direction and good development prospects. It provides talents with a career platform and broad development space that exceeds individual capabilities. Through the burden of burdens, the rapid growth of talents is achieved. A fair and equitable competitive atmosphere and multiple channels for discovering talent. Treatment is the basis for attracting talents. Meiker insists on attracting talents with competitive treatment, not only providing compensation, benefits and treatment, but also providing a superior modern working environment and a well-equipped and beautiful living environment.

Chestnut kernel

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