How to peel the chestnut? With these tricks, chestnut kernels are complete, do not believe you try

Chestnut is one of the foods that we all like to eat very much. Xiaobian I like to eat chestnut very much. As long as there is chestnut in my house, I can't stop eating it. The effect of chestnut is very much. Remember that I once had it. When I was eating chestnut, I really didn't know how to eat it. I was very annoyed. I was very angry at that time. Later I opened it after biting. Then my mother told me that several methods are really very good. Effective, and the peeled chestnut is really very complete, I will tell you these few methods below, how to peel the chestnut? With these tricks, chestnut kernels are all complete, do not believe you try.

The sweet and delicious chestnut has been regarded as a precious fruit since ancient times. It is known as “ginseng fruit” in foreign countries, but how to peel the chestnut? We are all in trouble.

1, chopsticks stirring

After cutting the bought chestnut in half, we remove the outer shell and put it in the basin, then soak it in the boiled water for a while, and stir it with clean chopsticks for a while, then inside the chestnut. The skin will automatically separate from the chestnut meat. What we should pay attention to here is that the soaking time can't be too long. This is something we must pay attention to. If the soaking time is too long, the nutrients of the chestnut will be lost.

2, soaked in hot water

After we cleaned the raw chestnuts we bought, we put them in a heat-resistant container, soaked in hot boiling water and covered. After 5 minutes, take out the chestnut and cut it with a knife. When using the knife, we must pay attention not to cut it. We also know that the chestnut is big and small. At this time, the chestnut skin can be peeled off immediately after the cut. Clothes will also fall off, saving time and effort. In this case, don't spend a lot of time and save a lot of things.

3, microwave heating

First, after we cut the chestnut shell with scissors, we put the chestnut in the microwave and heat it for 30 seconds or 1 minute with the fire in the microwave oven. The time cannot be too long or too short. The clothes will automatically detach from the meat. Here we have to pay attention to cut the chestnut shell first, cut off the chestnut skin will fall off at once, if you do not choose to cut the chestnut shell, it will cause the microwave oven to malfunction, it will be troublesome.

4, thermal expansion and contraction method

First remove the chestnut shell with a knife, then put it in boiling water for 3-5 minutes, then put it into cold water for 3-5 minutes, then the chestnut garment is easily peeled off, and the chestnut taste is not change.

5, heated cooked frozen

If this is the case, we may have a long time and a little trouble, but people who want to eat chestnut still use this method. After we cook the chestnut in the pot, we will put it in the refrigerator after the chestnut is cold. The inside is frozen, so that the shell meat is easily separated.

6, sun exposure

Put the bought chestnuts under the sun for a day, this method is simple and time-consuming, and effortless, the chestnut will automatically split the next day.

7, hard knocking hair

Put the bought chestnuts in a thick plastic pocket, gently tap on the ground, hit for about 5 minutes, remove the chestnuts, the chestnut skin will be separated from the chestnut meat, and it is easy to peel off the complete chestnuts.

Well, I have said so many methods. Do you know about peeling chestnuts? It’s very simple and time-consuming to try and do it. How to peel the chestnut? With these tricks, chestnut kernels are all complete, do not believe you try.


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