Thanksgiving Day, Mei Ke Duo Chestnut manufacturers thank everyone who met in life

happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day, November 22

Thanksgiving, originated in the United States

On this day, the whole family will gather together and enjoy the turkey.

The meaning is to share gratitude and thank people or things around you.

Lively attention is equivalent to the Chinese New Year

Be grateful to the heart, thank you for your trip

Do you want to say thank you to anyone?

I don't know if you have noticed it.

We are always more and more polite to strangers.

But always temper for intimate people

In this warm and full day

We should say thank you to everyone around us!

Grateful parents

Thank you, let me come to this world.

Thank you, give me enough love, let me grow

How many days and nights, ordinary and moving bit by bit

Grateful friend

Thank you, all the way to help each other

There is always some love, no way to win

never leave each other until the time ends

Grateful lover

Thank you, lover

Meet you, knowing what love looks like

All the way

But the initial heart does not change, mutual support

Then, for the rest of your life, please continue to advise.

Grateful to yourself

Life will be a little busy, it will be a little hard to stick to.

At this moment, give encouragement to your love

Thank you for your hard work.

Become what you want

Thanksgiving is coming,

it's here,

For those of you who have been accompanying and supporting the company for many chestnut kernels for a long time:

Thank you!

Thanks in the past,

Your trust and encouragement to the company's multi-chestnut manufacturers!




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