What details should you pay attention to when harvesting chestnuts? Gan Liren manufacturers Meike tell you more

Meike more fresh chestnut is produced in Zunhua City, Hebei Province. It is the Yanshan Mountain front plain, the south is near the Bohai Bay, and the north is the Yanshan Mountain in the north of the country. There are many rivers in the territory, and the middle and low mountains and high hills are formed. Eroded landforms, the mountains are mainly composed of gneiss.

Zunhua gneiss joints, morphological, crack development, with loose and easy weathering characteristics, and contains potassium, sodium, aluminum, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium, silicon, manganese and other plants, especially the nutrients needed for chestnut growth The nutrient contents of phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and manganese are higher than other rocks, and iron is much higher than that of meat red pegmatite. Therefore, the soil nutrient content formed by its special structure and development is higher than other areas, and it is suitable for chestnut growth. This is also the geological factor that Zunhua chestnut is superior to other chestnuts.

Gan Liren manufacturers Meike reminded everyone to pay attention to some details of chestnut harvesting: chestnut should pay attention to the appropriate harvest during the harvest period, early harvesting chestnut fruit material accumulation is insufficient, water content is large, fruit flavor is poor, no It is shelf-stable and should be harvested when more than half of the chestnut chestnuts are cracked. In addition, Zunhua chestnut harvesting too early will lead to lower quality of chestnut, reduced production, laborious and easy to damage the tree body, not worth the candle.

Mei Ke Duo chestnut post-harvest treatment: After harvesting chestnuts, pay attention to prevent water loss and air drying. In the case of more water loss, the amount of sugar in the fruit is increased, the life activity is limited, and the loss of rotten fruit is aggravated. The longer the air drying time, the greater the loss, so it should be stored in time after harvest to prevent water loss. loss.


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